“But If It Is Of God”

21st September, 2017 Devotion

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Pastor Zacc Daily Devotions

“But If It Is Of God”

Acts 5:39 (NASB) “But if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them; or else you may even be found fighting against God.”

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit was welcome in Jerusalem. Many marvelled at the the signs and wonders that believers performed through His power. But the religious establishment was not pleased, and arrested Peter and John.

As these leaders debated a response to these events, one of their members, a respected teacher named Gamaliel, pointed out that, in many ways, their opinions did not matter. What really counted was God’s perspective.

If the actions of men like Peter and John were not “of God,” they could not succeed. Their message only would have been their personal opinions. Their impact would have been limited to their own abilities.

Just like in the days of Peter and John, today many in the world are critical of the Christian faith and reject the Bible. Many devote themselves to their own agenda, they are bold to ridicule and belittle believers. They spread doubt and urge a lifestyle contrary to the Scriptures.

Today, as you face challenges, tests, and temptations, make sure that you commit these situations to God. Be sure you are obeying His Word. Make first things first. Always seek first His Kingdom. Let Him take away your doubts and burdens, and replace your worries with peace. Remember, He is on your side. He is fighting for you!

• Father, I desire to serve you
• Give me grace to gladly spend and be spent for you
• I commit all my trying circumstances to you as I live for you.
• Thank You for being with me.
• Thank You for victory!
• Pray that God will pour out a great harvest of souls

May no one be able to overthrow you

In Jesus’ name. Amen.