Word Alive Ministries International under the leadership of Rev Dr Zacc Kawalala has decided to ‘celebrate marriage like no mans business.’

Pastor Zacc openly declares at each wedding officiation that he will not allow the world to teach the church how to celebrate marriage but rather the church to teach the world.

It is such passion that Pastor Zacc has that saw the birthing of the Winning Couples Ministry in the church.

The ministry started as a care group for couples under 5 years of marriage. However it was felt that all couples regardless of how long they had been married needed a support forum through which they would be empowered to win in their marriages and encourage other couples to win as well

Word Alive recognizes that strong families are essential in building a strong church, hence the importance of this ministry cannot be overemphasized.

Ministry Focus

Premarital counseling

The ministry supports couples from the time they have expressed their intention to marry by taking them through all manner of counseling required to help them build a strong foundation.

Couples are taken through a systematic counseling with a mature couple who would also ensure that issues unique to them are addressed.

WAMI is privileged to have a counseling guideline manual authored by Rev Dr Zacc Kawalala.

As far as practical such a couple remains responsible for the young couple through the various stages of their married life.

Such counseling includes bridal showers, groom storms or send offs.

Word Alive recognises that whilst a wedding is a solemn occasion, it is also of importance to give the couple a memorable farewell from singlehood into married life. This is done through a send off, a bridal shower or a groomstorm parties. The purpose of these parties will be to shower the bride to be and/or bride groom with gifts to be by friends.

WAMI as far as practical also offers counseling to non members.

Pre birth counseling

This is mentoring and grooming of young couples, to prepare them for parenthood.

Baby Shower

A baby shower is conducted to celebrate the birth of a baby by presenting gifts. WAMI recognises that children are a heritage from God.

Teaching and prayer

Couples are also taught fundamentals of marriage through meetings.

Recently WAMI conducted a series of meetings under the theme: "More than a love relationship", which unfolded the foundations of marriage in Genesis through the teachings of Jesus Christ on marriage.

These are teachings that the world needs to hear in an age where marriage foundations are under attack.