At 28, this remarkable woman, after three major spinal operations, was in a plaster cast, hobbled on a walking stick and lived on black coffee, painkillers and alcohol. She was faced with yet another operation, when a friend took her to see Pastor Ray McCauley of Rhema Bible Church in South Africa. Barbara who is British was at the time an open-minded agnostic, but this meeting changed her life and her health. Through the healing miracle that occurred, Barbara returned to Malawi to a new life of serving God.
On Easter Sunday in 1986, Barbara was ordained by Rev Ron Kussmaul. She became Reverend Barbara Tippett, a woman pastor in Central Africa, a source of spiritual succour and hope, and with her supportive husband even mediated with fighting that was taking place between RENAMO and the government of Mozambique. Much recognition and two invitations to Presidential breakfasts in the United States of America, helped to create a fascinating and enthralling personal account

Reverend Barbara has authored a book entitled “Will You Die For Me” which is an account of her experiences in the mission field, especially Mozambique.

What we know as Word Alive Ministries International, started as Masturd Seed Centre before carrying the name Blantyre Christian Centre. It was started by the choice maid servant of the Lord in her home in September 1980 as a fellowship. Initially, eight people could meet but later the membership started growing as the neighbours and students from the University of Malawi, especially those from the Polytechnic started joining the fellowship. In 1982 the fellowship moved to a larger hall within the city of Blantyre and between 50-70 people were meeting.

Later, around 1982, Rev Barbara started teaching in the bush, with her vision to take the word of God into the heart of the community. After a few years of visiting village churches, she committed herself to ministering to pastors and church leaders in the remote areas who were often not affiliated to any formal organisation.

It was at this time that she spearheaded bible distribution with finances given by Bible for Africa. Over 200,000 New Testaments in Chichewa, Lomwe, Shona and Portuguese have been distributed.

In 1995, Reverend Barbara relocated to Ohio in USA, where she is based to-date and she now ministers under Pioneer Ministries International.

She left legacy and the memories of her are still fresh to the whole family of Word Alive Ministries International