Through an anointed ministry spanning 21 years, a pastor, a teacher, and a Radio Host Rev Dr Zacc Kawalala is helping thousands of people experience a meaningful and purposeful life in Christ. He is the General Overseer and Senior Pastor of Word Alive Ministries International (WAMI), a locally founded and internationally recognized church.

Third born in family of eight, Pastor Zacc, as he is commonly known comes from Loti Village in the area of Traditional Authority Makwangwala in Ntcheu District. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a major in Accountancy, from the University of Malawi, a Bachelor of Theology degree, a Masters and a Doctorate in Ministry with a leadership major from Team Impact Christian University - USA.

Out of passion for the kingdom of God, Pastor Zacc teaches and preaches God’s word that has seen thousands of people being saved, transformed and living purposeful lives in Christ. His passion dates back to secondary school days when on 5th May 1985 in a service he walked down the aisle disrupting the service order to commit his life to the Lord. ‘’ I have never regretted the decision I made and I have never turned back by the grace of God’’ says Pastor Zacc. Throughout his university days, this passion was fanned up and saw him taking leading roles in the university. One could actually say without contradiction, that the pastoral mantle on his life, started way back in Secondary School, through to his days in the university. He has a heart for the youth, a passion that saw him minister to fellow young people who are generating much impact in their world today. Meanwhile, with this background, Pastor Zacc continues to impact several young people in the church and in Tertiary Institutions with the liberating message of truth. Apart from being invited to minister in different churches locally, he travels throughout in Africa and other parts of Europe and USA preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ with signs and wonders following.

Pastor Zacc currently hosts a Radio Program dubbed “Inspired Word” which is broadcast on Trans World Radio. This outreach radio program has by God’s grace has changed destinies of thousands of people across Malawi and other neighboring countries.

He founded Word Alive Network of churches, a ministry which has an affiliate membership of over 600 pastors from the southern and central regions of Malawi and Mozambique. He mentors and develops them so they become apostolic leaders. He annually holds Aaronic Priesthood Conferences, which draw together pastors and leaders of different churches for an in-depth teaching of God’s Word so that they become effective and efficient ministers of the Gospel and shepherds of God’s people. Under Pastor Zacc’s leadership, WAMI has grown to having three commissions namely; Word Alive Commission for Assemblies and Missions (WACAM), Word Alive Commission for Relief and Development (WACRAD) and Word Alive Commission for Christian Education (WACCE). There are two key support Directorates, namely: Finance and Administration (FA), and Resource Mobilization and Investments (RMI).
In WACAM, the ministry work has grown from a single city church in 2002, to 44 churches including branches in Tete and Maputo in Mozambique.

Under Word Alive Commission for Relief and Development, there are several interventions being made in keeping with the call of Christ for the church to minister to the vulnerable. Several relief and developmental projects in the field of education, social economic empowerement, and HIV/Aids, health, orphan care, and disaster management are being implemented in all regions of Malawi. WACRAD is known for its HIV / Aids counseling and testing work that has been undertaken at one of the Malawi’s main referral hospitals, Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre. This work has been ongoing ssince 1992. This work has been sustained largely through Church Members giving and financing from other funding partners for almost 18years of its existence.

WACCE is an upcoming commission and focuses on five strategic areas which include Word Alive Bible College, an affiliate of Team Impact Christian University. One of the areas on ministry, which Pastor Zacc is passionate about is the raising on leaders through teaching in the Bible College. Other areas include - Adult Literacy, Life Skills Camp, Early Childhood Development and Dynamic Leadership and Gatekeepers’ Forum

Finance and Administration is a supporting arm of the church that regulate management and administration of the church’s resources.

The other support arm of the Church is the Resource Mobilisation and Investiment Directorate. This directorate has grown in the recent years in mobilizing resources for the ministry through established business entities which include Mobile Phone Dealership, a Christian bookshop, a Café and a Water Bottling Company.

Pastor Zacc believes church business is serious business and ought to be conducted orderly. Under his leadership governance structures have been established that have earned the church credibility in both finances and operations. He is the Presiding Elder for the institution’s Executive Council which is the policy making and the highest governance body of the institution. He is also the presiding elder for the Assemblies and Missions Board.

The ministry has other advisory boards which include

  • Finance and Administration Board
  • Resource Mobilisation and Investments Board
  • Christian Education Board
  • Relief and Development Board

His governance drive has seen him earn recognition in parachurch and public institutions. He therefore serves as a Chairman of the Ethics Peace and Justice Commission of the Evangelical Association of Malawi. He is the board member of The Healing Jesus Crusade of Light House Chapel in Ghana.

For 6 years he has served as a Commissioner with the Malawi Human Rights Commission, where he also Co-Chaired a special UNDP board responsible for the Malawi Human Rights Support Project. A board comprising three Government units: Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, The Office of the Ombudsman and Malawi Human Rights Commission. Pastor Zacc is also a Trustee of Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM), a leading mobile company in Malawi. He leads a team of leading a team 52 pastors and 69 members of staff.

Rev Dr Zacc Kawalala is married to Pastor Aidah, and they have children, Theodore, Theophilus and Theodora. His highest prayer for the Children is that they should all love God and serve the Lord. He is an ardent advocate of strong marriages and has been involved with the International Organisation for Marriages.