Established in 1992, Word Alive Commission for Relief and Development (WACRAD) is a development arm of Word Alive Ministries International. Word Alive Ministries International is a local church in Malawi which was registered with the Malawi Government in 1987. WACRAD’s mandate is to reach out to the poor, vulnerable, marginalized, and underprivileged through social development. WACRAD began as a response to the HIV and AIDS pandemic through church volunteers’ visits to the sick at the Queen Elizabeth central Hospital (QECH) hospital. In partnership with stakeholders working at the hospital, in 1994 the church was able to access funding and began recruiting full time professional staff. WACRAD’s identity at its inception was predominantly an HIV and AIDS initiative. However, in 2008 it became imperative for WACRAD to broaden its scope to ensure that interventions are meeting the holistic needs of disadvantaged groups of people within its impact areas and are in line with the national development initiatives outlined in the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MDGS).

Vision, Mission and Values


“Self -sustaining communities where children, women and men are socio-economically and spiritually empowered.


We exist to improve sustainable livelihood security of vulnerable children, women and men through social, economical, environmental and spiritual interventions.


We exist to improve sustainable livelihood security of vulnerable children, women and men through social, economical, environmental and spiritual interventions.


The work of WACRAD is motivated and centred on the following core values:
Godly Love - We will reflect the love of God in serving our communities, beneficiaries and fellow staff regardless of color, tribe, creed, and gender, religious or political affiliation.
Excellence - Propelled by a relentless drive for progress, we will endeavour to grow better, broader and bigger, through continued learning and knowledge management.
Synergy - Through well coordinated efforts in sharing tasks, resources and skills we will embrace team spirit knowing that one man is not good enough for progress.
Integrity - Propelled by our deep rooted fear for God, we commit ourselves to be accountable to God, to our beneficiaries, donors, government and all other stakeholders.

Activities & Coverange

WACRAD seeks to address the following key priority issues:
Task environment issue 1. Continued increase of HIV and AIDS infections 2. Low and inequality access to quality basic education 3. Low and inadequate access to quality basic health 4. Increase in climate change and environmental degradation
Focusing on these thematic areas WACRAD the following are activities which WACRAD undertakes:
  • Mobilize communities to access HIV testing and counseling and also provide HTC services.
  • Provide support to chronically ill patients through the provision of Home Based Care
  • Support people living with HIV through positive living trainings, nutritional trainings and also facilitated the establishment of support groups and establishment of herbal gardens for their nutritional support.
  • Facilitate behavior change interventions to groups at risk of HIV infection with focus on girl market entrepreneurs.
  • Provide support to orphans and vulnerable children through the provision of scholastic materials, bursaries, life skills training and vocational trainings for the out of school youth.
  • Facilitate the active participation of community structures and also their capacities in order for them to delivery quality services both in the health and education interventions and as well engage themselves in lobby and advocacy campaigns for the access of basic health and education services. These structures include Health Center committees, Village Health Committees, Parents Teachers Committees, School Management Committees, Mother groups and Community Based organizations that are found within WACRAD’s target areas.
  • Promote access to basic education and basic health through which communities have been empowered to raise awareness in their rights to access health and education. Promotion of early childhood development has been enhanced thorough establishment of Community Based Child Care Centers as well as access to vocational skills by out of school youth has been facilitated.
  • Facilitate the establishment of Self-Help Group Approach interventions among poor underprivileged women providing them with political, social and economical empowerment.
  • Mobilize support and distribute support to households in communities affected by disasters

As a faith based development arm, WACRAD seeks to scale up its development activities in all areas where the church is established as the church is faced with communities that are vulnerable in relation to development. The scaling up of activities is informed by the strategic outcome areas stipulated current strategic plan. In this regard, WACRAD area of intervention continues to grow even as the church continues to growth in its scope of influence. This growth is however moderated by the availability of resources and staff capacity at any given time. WACRAD has implemented its projects in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Thyolo, Phalombe, Mzimba, Nsanje and Chikhwawa. Currently WACRAD is operating in Blantyre, Mwanza, Chiradzulu, Thyolo, Dedza, Lilongwe, and Mzimba.

Partnerships & Networking

Since its establishment, WACRAD has partnered with various government departments which include District Health Offices, District Education Offices, District Social Welfare Office and District Youth Offices. WACRAD has also partnered with district councils, non-governmental organizations, Faith-Based Organizations, Community-Based Organizations, local governance structures (Area Development Committee, Village Development Committee, and Health Center Committee). WACRAD also contributes to national networks and is a member of the Malawi Interfaith AIDS Association (MIAA) through its umbrella body Evangelical Association of Malawi and is also a member of the Malawi Health Equity Network (MHEN).

WACRAD has also accessed financial support from the international donor community among whom are: Save the Children Umoyo Network, Management Science for Health (MSH), Oxfam, UNICEF, Cordaid, Kindernothilfe, Redeenkind, ITHEMBA/ENGANGE HIV/E3, and World Renew.

Locally WACRAD has also sourced funding from National AIDS Commission. Word Alive Ministries International as a church has also provided financial support to WACRAD.

Sustainability Strategy

WACRAD’s interventions are both institutional as well as community-based. Institutional-based interventions largely depend on external and Word Alive church funds. As for the community-based interventions, WACRAD’s role is to mobilize communities to adequately respond to the challenges of HIV& AIDS, abject poverty and vulnerability and to equip communities to sustain these responses themselves. A well-executed participatory community entry strategy has always been a crucial first step for WACRAD in avoiding dependency and empowering communities to define, implement and sustain their own interventions. WACRAD builds the community’s capacity for appropriate management and administration of these community institutions through trainings and direct mentorship sessions through its Project staff. It also builds the community’s capacity to develop relationships with other CBOs, NGOs and government departments such as agricultural division extension offices, community health workers, education offices to acquire sustained support from these structures.


WAMI is headed by the Executive Council as its highest governing authority. Under the Executive Council are Technical Advisory Boards (TABs) which provide the Council with technical guidance as specialist committees of the Executive Council. The Relief and Development Board is one of such TABs whose role is to oversee the activities of WACRAD.

In the daily management of the programmes, the council works closely with a senior management team composed of qualified and experienced officers with undoubted program, financial and administrative skills.

WACRAD activities are managed by a team of professional staff under a team of well qualified management.

Organization Capacity

WACRAD’s senior staff includes The Director, Finance and Administrative Director, Associate Director and Project Managers and these constitute WACRAD management. Project Managers oversee activities of various projects in a given geographical location. The Program Manager is assisted by Project Officer(s) who directly oversees activities of a particular Project. Project Officers work with community Facilitators and community volunteers. Each Project has a Finance and administrative staff who support the implementation of the Project. At Head Office there is also a designated Administration Assistant and Finance Officer to whom project finance and administrative assistants report, and all these report to the Finance and Administration Director. The Program Director and the Finance and Administration Director report to the General Overseer. The senior management team is hired on full time basis while all other staff are hired dependant on existence of funded projects. Each project maintains its own account under Word Alive Ministries International bank mandates

Communication & Contacts

For further information please contact WACRAD

Through the Director:

Word Commission for Relief and Development, P.O Box 2502 BLANTYRE MALAWI.

Mobile number: ( +265) 888 56 522 Ground: (+ 265) 01 874 451 Fax: 01 874 372

E-mail: or Skype: patricia.semphere.